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Intervals: 24 Works for Piano By Julie Mandel

A musician friend of mine once told me that her favorite songs were those that began with the jump of an octave.  Like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. It got me to thinking about how the first two notes of any piece of music really set up what will follow.  That octave jump, that interval, is only one of twenty-four possible intervals in a one-octave scale.  That is to say, there are twenty-four different intervals with which to begin a piece of music. I have written these twenty-four pieces with the idea of having the first two notes of each of them start with a different interval.   Writing them has been like a series of adventures, each of which begins by taking the first two steps,  and then discovering where they will lead. 

Pianist Hadassah Guttmann has beautifully recorded all twenty-four pieces. Please enjoy the clips below, or visit iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby or your favorite online music retailer to purchase a CD. Streaming is available on most major serivices.

Intervals Cover 3 - Corrected Song Order.jpg

Intervals: 24 Works for Piano By Julie Mandel

by Hadassah Guttmann